Melissa Mailloux, AICP

Principal and Co-Founder

Since 2005, Melissa built her career as a research and planning consultant working directly with clients throughout the US. She leads many of Mosaic’s housing and community development planning projects, including fair and affordable housing studies, housing need assessments, consolidated plans, and other revitalization efforts. In each of these assignments, Melissa brings data analysis expertise to investigate demographic patterns, development trends, and their meanings for one another. Her background also includes stakeholder outreach, from conventional approaches like meetings and surveying to creative efforts to reach community members where they are.

Prior to co-founding Mosaic, Melissa’s work focused on residential and retail market analysis, including studies for affordable, mixed-income, and market-rate housing. She contributed to multi-disciplinary planning efforts, working closely with land and transportation planners, urban designers, and historic preservationists. Melissa holds a Master of City and Regional Planning degree from Georgia Tech and a bachelor’s degree in Math from Berry College. 

Jeremy D. Gray, AICP

Principal and Co-Founder

Jeremy is a planner, consultant, and project manager with extensive public and nonprofit sector experience designing solutions to community needs. His background includes management of dozens of consolidated plan and/or fair housing engagements, leadership in urban neighborhood revitalization efforts, and development of collaborative regional and multi-state issue-based plans. Jeremy has held mayoral appointments to homelessness and housing policy-making bodies, a position as deputy director of the CDBG, HOME, ESG, and NSP programs for a large metro Atlanta county, and speaking engagements on planning and equity issues. As a Mosaic principal, he leads many of the firm’s consulting and planning projects, integrating Mosaic’s industry-leading public engagement strategies to ensure equitable planning outcomes.

Jeremy is an expert public meeting facilitator and is skilled in stakeholder engagement techniques. He is a Certified HOME Program Specialist, Certified LIHTC Professional, and has been trained in the NCI Charrette System. He holds a Master of Public Administration degree from Georgia College & State University and a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy from Oglethorpe University. 

Jessica Fisch, PhD, AICP Candidate

Senior Planner

Jessica is an urban planner and researcher with a passion for collaborating with communities in proactively planning for more equitable development. On the Mosaic team, she engages with local governments, residents, and stakeholders to integrate diverse local knowledge into planning for housing, neighborhood revitalization, and community development, with a focus on developing community-specific solutions to local challenges.

Before joining the Mosaic, Jessica worked in urban planning, neighborhood revitalization, and affordable housing in New Orleans and Atlanta and conducted research on how social capital shapes the inclusion of equitable development priorities in green infrastructure planning. She holds a Ph.D. in city and regional planning from Georgia Tech and a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from the University of New Orleans. Jessica is a member of the American Planning Association and an AICP Candidate. 

Kimberly Mitchell, AICP Candidate

Senior Planner

Kim is a city planner with a background in local government planning and social services. At Mosaic, she focuses on researching and crafting narratives around the affordable housing, fair housing and community development needs of municipalities. Kim’s passion is for engaging community members and stakeholders to learn more about the needs of their communities. She also conducts environmental reviews for municipal-level development projects.

Prior to joining Mosaic, Kim worked as a local government city planner. Other previous experience includes service with AmericorpsVISTA, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs LIHTC program, and three years as a case manager for adults with mental illness and drug addiction. She received a Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning from Georgia Tech in 2016.

Kelley Gray, Esq.

Senior Consultant

Kelley is a licensed attorney with a practice focused on land use, zoning, and fair housing law. Kelley’s litigation experience has included representation of clients in all stages of applications for land use zoning and permitting, including presenting at public hearings before city and county zoning authorities; representation of a provider of community housing for persons with disabilities against a county government following denial of a conditional use permit; and representation of a developer of senior housing against a city following denial of rezoning/development applications.

In addition to her work litigating zoning cases related to the federal Fair Housing Act, Kelley has provided point-by-point analysis of more than 50 zoning codes and land use policies to support Mosaic’s fair housing studies. Kelley earned her J.D. in 2008 from the University of Alabama and is an active member of the Georgia Bar.

Frank Lee

Associate Consultant

Frank is a versatile planner with community development experience in both the municipal and nonprofit sectors. As a local government planner, he has routinely handled rezoning, variance, and ordinance amendment requests and supported review of residential and commercial development proposals. In the nonprofit sector, Frank’s planning work with the Little Tokyo Service Center Community Development Corporation and Koreatown Youth and Community Center involved development of neighborhood-level planning documents for ethnically diverse communities, the facilitation of community workshops, and spatial analysis of community assets in the Los Angeles area.

Frank holds a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from California State Polytechnic University and a bachelor’s degree in urban studies from Pittsburgh University; he has also received intensive training through the Local Initiatives Support Corporation’s (LISC’s) Affordable Housing Development Training Institute. 

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