Every voice matters to Mosaic. In our community engagement work, Mosaic reaches out to residents, business owners, and the general public to gather opinions and experiences and explore how to make their neighborhoods and cities better. Mosaic makes every effort to engage a diverse range of community stakeholders, in as many ways as possible, to obtain the most robust input from the public.

Community engagement is an integral component of all our housing and community developments projects, but we also offer stand-alone public engagement services, such as the coordination of Community Quarterback Boards for LIHTC projects and the creation of Citizen Participation and Language Access Plans for HUD grantees. 

How can we help:

  • Conversational community meetings with accommodations for families.
  • Focus groups with vulnerable populations or other key audiences.
  • Intercept surveys, project tables at popular events and other approaches that meet community members where they are.
  • Adaptability for COVID-19, such as Zoom listening sessions, online and mail surveys, and interactive websites.
  • Language access involving translation, interpretation, and live captioning (CART) services.
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