Mosaic was founded in 2015, but our experience doesn’t begin there. For nearly 20 years, our principals have been helping communities across the U.S. become better, more equitable places to live. Our team members’ varied backgrounds in planning and community development give us a comprehensive understanding of the places we work and allow our firm to take a multidimensional approach to planning. 


We love digging into a community, speaking with its residents, and hearing their stories. These individual stories come together to form a shared narrative, a mosaic of which each resident holds a unique piece. Yet, in the course of our work, we have often seen important decisions made while some of the people whose input was most needed were not present. Their pieces were missing from the picture, often because the participation process was not designed to actively seek out, invite, and engage the diversity of viewpoints within the community. 

Mosaic is here to help
communities plan differently.

First and foremost, our plans are about people – the people who inform the planning process and those whose lives will be impacted by it. After all, it is the people in a community who hold the pieces of its story. Out of that story, we design strategies and build plans to shape communities. 

When issues of equity are important, and where diverse perspectives are valued, communities across the United States have come to count on Mosaic to bring its unique approach to the intersections of their people and places. 

How can we help your
community plan differently?

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