Mosaic partnered with the City of Lewiston, ID on its 2018-2022 Consolidated Plan and again on its 2023-2027 Consolidated Plan and Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice.

For both planning efforts, our team designed in-depth community engagement processes, providing a foundation for development of the Consolidated Plan’s five-year goals and priorities, the Annual Action Plan’s projects, and goals and strategies in the Analysis of Impediments. Both community engagement processes included a series of community workshops to support interactive discussions on housing, community development, fair housing, and access to opportunity in Lewiston. Focus groups and in-depth individual interviews provided opportunities for engagement with a wide variety of stakeholders, representing a range of viewpoints. One challenge of the projects was achieving the meaningful participation of residents and stakeholders within the community, including groups with unique housing challenges, but who are often difficult to engage. Mosaic’s team coordinated with local community partners to create these opportunities, which included a series of interviews with people experiencing homelessness at a day shelter, a focus group with people with disabilities and their caregivers at a workforce training facility, and a focus group with participants in the local YWCA’s programs for survivors of domestic violence. These interactions ensured the participation of critical groups of residents in the plans’ development. Mosaic further engaged residents and stakeholders in housing and community development issues through community-wide surveys focused on housing and community development needs and opportunities. A project website provided an overview of the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice and Consolidated Plan, as well as information about community workshops, a link to the housing and community needs survey, and related resources.

Responding to results of these broad community engagement efforts, the City has funded a range of CDBG projects, including a home repair program, home safety modifications, a tool lending library, homelessness services, and public facilities and infrastructure, among other projects.


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