The city of Chino Hills is an urban area of more than 80,000 residents in San Bernardino County, CA. Mosaic worked with the City’s Community Services Department to prepare its Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan, and Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice.

To engage with residents and stakeholders, our team held a community-wide needs assessment workshop, conducted stakeholder interviews, and developed a community-wide survey in which more than 418 residents and stakeholders participated. At a movie night held at the City’s community center, the team provided shorter versions of the full community survey and discussed the plans with residents.

Throughout the community engagement process, residents and stakeholders identified key priorities for the next five years, including housing affordability, public facilities and infrastructure, public services, and fair housing. Mosaic worked with Chino Hills staff to identify projects to address these priorities, including literacy services, domestic violence services, landlord-tenant mediation services, support for a local food bank, infrastructure projects, home improvement grants, and program administration.

The City’s Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice identified several barriers to fair housing and access to opportunity in Chino Hills, including affordable housing needs, community policies and opposition to affordable housing, a continued need for neighborhood infrastructure and public improvements, and a continued need for fair housing education. The study provided recommendations to address the specific barriers to housing choice facing Chino Hills.


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